xfce4-Panel doesn't appear after booting

Hey, the panel crashed once - I could bring it back using xfce4-panel in dom0. But now I have to do it everytime I boot, so the panel doesn’t appear automatically. Is there a way to fix this?

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Not directly a way to fix it but to search a way:

  • check the logs (search in the XCFE documentation / forum for getting the log location, but ~/.xsession-errors is a good start)
  • maybe a failed config (you can try to rename the xfce setting files to find a guilty, ex: mv ~/.config/xfce4 ~/.config/xfce4-backup)
  • see also the trace output when you launch it manually
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You might look on the qubes system menu for an app called something like “session and startup”. If you add an entry and check the box to enable it, then it should start on login.

Another trick is to place a link to the .desktop file in the .config/autostart (autorun?) folder.

I sometimes lose my Qubes Manager starting on login and both these methods work for me.


Thanks for everyone sharing their knowledge! slcolemans idea with the session and startup worked in my case

This is happening to quite a few users and is serious. @boombox23 @Qubes_User171 @oijawyuh

Could someone affected, please make a bug report? This way the developers more easily become aware of it and can fix it.

To quite a lot is more accurate. It happens to me too and as far as I know I discovered workaround which I share every awhile… I have no GitHub account though, and I tried to point to some other bugs here ( you probably remember the one for smt=off isn’t working although set by default), and others about Qube manager, but no respond lost me will.

This was the solution for me. To clarify:

Go to System Tools > Session and Startup > Application Autostart > Add+

Name: Start taskbar
Command: xfce4-panel
Trigger: on login

Reboot the machine and taskbar appears automatically again with all the icons including network icon which did not appear when I manually started the taskbar later on.


Since nobody did it, I created an issue report for this. This is the way things get solved. Otherwise the developers may not hear about it.

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