Issues with Multiple GPUs?

Howdy folks,

Bit of an issue with running multiple GPUs…

  1. Plug in second GPU after all the previous setups.
  2. Shows only the initial GPUs Display.
  3. Configure to have all screen active.
  4. Display becomes super super laggy.
  5. Turn of the crappy composer.
  6. Works better but not perfect.
  7. Wonder where the “taskbar panel” has vanished to.
  8. Move the Qubes Manager window after openning it by Context Menu and it freezes the PC.

So there are multiple issues there that I’m trying to resolve…

  1. How to resolve the lag issue?
  2. How to set up the GPU Passthrough properly so that Qubes doesn’t load the main GPU but uses the secondary.
  3. How to get the panels back?
  4. How to stop it from lagging like it does? (Older xFCE?)

Any other recommendations that could be made?

Thanks, will try that again and see how we go.

Okay, tried to get things working but there are issues…

Firstly, I removed the settings for XFCE and set up new panels and all.
The Display is still laggy as all hell though. I don’t understand why this is happening yet, but hopefully we will find out someday since it shouldn’t be happening with XFCE. Unless I need to use a different window manager because they have broken XFCE?

Main issue:. Can’t get display even though I have only the 1 GPU plugged in to the displays.

  • I can plug in the other GPU and I get the initial display, but it won’t display on the other card initially.
    Secondary issue:. They say can’t hide the “main GPU”, what does this mean? There is no explanation as to what they determine to be the “main GPU” there.

I have 2 GPUs, one is a GTX 1060, that is the one I will have as the one that will be hidden.
The other is a GTX 1050 that I’m dedicating to the use of Qubes Display, as Qubes itself doesn’t need much to just display a simple Window Manager.

Any good advice would be greatly appreciated.