Share your desktop screen / workspace

I’m currently trying different ways to manage my desktop’s look-and-feel, but many things don’t work properly, are not meant to operate within the dom0 scope etc. So I wonder if you guys would like to share how you manage your workspace, what DE you use, what dock, what theme etc(without compromising your privacy of course)?
And you’re welcome to share something beyond this scope if you’d like to of course, I’ll be more than happy.


I use the default 4.1 theme and XFCE settings, but I added a bottom panel in autohide with the programs I use the most.


Thanks for sharing! Amazing wallpaper!
BTW: How did you make firefox work within the panel, what command do you use in thatshortcut? I can add either the qube’s shortcut like qvm-run -q -a --service(will launch each time new window) or pin the active firefox window(won’t launch the service).

The wallpaper was done by :slight_smile: an unix surrealism artist

As for Firefox, I simply added the Firefox launcher of my WWW qube. This launcher doesn’t allow to minimize/maximize the Firefox windows though!

The WWW qube is the default web browser for all other qubes, using the OpenURL RPC policy


XFCE with built-in Arc-Dark theme :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, looks awesome! :slight_smile:

I shared mine in a previous discussion:


Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Gnome with some extension


Qubes 4.1.2 with i3 window munger.
I tried awesome wm, but it drove me utterly crazy. It was always moving all the windows back to the first workspace. Currently running sway under Silverblue on my non-Qubes, non-osX boxen, and quite like the way things work, so I was chuffed to discover i3 for Qubes.

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Interesting. I managed to capture a bug I see occasionally. The ScreenCap above shows it.
I am in AppVm “beto” when I do the capture.
“beto” does not show up in the Qubes list.
It is definitely running. I first noticed this when I was trying to assign a Yubikey to an AppVm and the list of VMs to attach it to was missing the one I wanted to target.

[nimda@dom0 Pictures]$ qvm-ls | grep Runn
admin-aws             Running  AppVM       purple  fc38-enhanced      sys-firewall
admin-ioT             Running  AppVM       gray    fc38-enhanced      sys-wg-firewalla
beto                  Running  AppVM       green   fc38-enhanced      sys-firewall
beto-email            Running  AppVM       yellow  fc38-enhanced      sys-firewall
dom0                  Running  AdminVM     black   -                  -
gpg-admin             Running  AppVM       purple  fc37-gpg           -
gpg-beto              Running  AppVM       purple  fc37-gpg           -
sys-firewall          Running  DispVM      green   fedora-37-dvm      sys-net
sys-firewall-02-mgmt  Running  DispVM      green   fedora-38-dvm      sys-net
sys-net               Running  AppVM       red     fedora-37          -
sys-usb               Running  DispVM      red     fedora-37-dvm      -
sys-wg-firewalla      Running  AppVM       red     fc-38-wireguard    sys-firewall
sys-whonix            Running  AppVM       black   whonix-gw-16       sys-firewall

Theme: Adwaita-dark
Icons: Papirus-icon-dark
Font: JetBrains mono
XFWM titles: GreyBird-dark


I find using a bottom panel full of launchers is pretty much essential for day-to-day navigation, I struggle to efficiently navigate the start menu since I can’t hide or reorder qubes there. Presumably the new start menu will make that stuff easier, I haven’t tried it yet.

I tried to get as close as I could to a “true dock feel”, by adding window buttons to my bottom panel set to show a flat buttons. Ideally I’d have the “launchers” indicate what’s open instead like “pinned” apps on typical docks, but from what i remember XFCE have declared they’ll never develop that as a feature for practical/lightwieght-coding reasons, so this is as close I’m going to get.


Wow guys, these looks so amazing! :heart_eyes:

Does everything work out of the box with Gnome?

yes, aside from any vm applet, everything is good.

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That looks provocative :grinning:

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these all look so good, but I still just use the default look lkjdsnlkjcs time to rice lmao

Yes they all look good. Here are 2 without Xfce. That is not my work, I just like them.