Query TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen7

Hello All,

Has anyone already bought this device to run Qubes OS? TUXEDO InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen7

I have checked HCL for Gen 6 and read several posts on this forum and found that the previous generation had some issues.

Here are my questions about Gen 7:

  • Does the “suspend” feature work?
  • Do you have to edit GRUB to deal with any flickering issues?

The answer will probably take a long time find, because Gen 7 was only recently released, but I hold my fingers crosses so that someone in the future will come cross this threat.


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I have got my hands on this laptop. Will try to make it to work with Qubes OS. I will give it a go for a few days and if Tuxedo laptop won’t be compatible will return the device back under 14 days return guarantee.

The first issue I have encountered is when booting from Installation USB Qubes OS 4.1.1

X startup failed, aborting installation
The installation can not continue and the system will be rebooted

What are the first steps to try to debug this issue? Please guide me. :star_struck: :love_letter:

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thank you!
I have been looking to do the exact same thing!
Would love to hear if you can overcome those issues.
I would love to get my hands on a tuxedo infinitybook pro 14.

looking forward!

Are you willing to share, if your laptop is with or without NVIDIA GPU?

From my bag of random suggestions:

Can you try and add


to the kernel line in GRUB?

If you have NVIDIA GPU, then maybe:



… or maybe both at the same time?

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Hi Chris, Thanks for stepping in! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This device has NVIDIA GPU so this one:


has worked and the installer loaded! :star_struck:

I will now go through the installation steps and report right a way.

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Observations during the install:

  • The NVIDIA graphics during installation was very slow, mouse lags
  • The GPU or CPU fans are running fast, probably at maximum speed
  • The chassis got extremely hot, not able to keep fingers above function keys
  • Got to the login screen - icons are super tiny, because of high screen resolution

So I guess the next step is hot to get NVIDIA working? @ChrisA Please :pray:

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Which ISO did you install?

If you installed the R4.1.1, would you be willing to test the R4.1.2-rcX with a 6.1.X kernel?

Btw: I don’t have a NVIDIA GPU, so I only know about those, by searching the forum and reading others posts … :-/

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Yes, I will. Give me a few hours. I would like to try a few things.

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I have now tested this RC and made the following observations:

  • The installer loaded without any additional NVIDIA options in grub loader
  • The graphics work normally as expected, no mouse lag, windows move smoothly
  • The there was no heat felt on the chassis, fan is absolutely silent or operates normally
  • The icons and font sizes are still appear tiny on the high resolution screen
  • No screen flickering or tearing of any kind
  • Suspend - goes to suspend successfully. but can’t wake up from it
  • Smooth YouTube video video playback in default personal AppVM, default FireFox window size

So far, I am happy with everything (can live without suspend) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What else is there to test to complete hardware compatibility testing?

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Thanks a lot for testing! – and nice that the Release Candidate worked better! :slight_smile:

Maybe include some trivial things, like:

  • Does sound work?
  • Does network (wired/wireless)?
  • If it has a webcam - does that work?
  • Any other devices?

– I assume the first two are “Yes” (otherwise YouTube gets a bit boring) … but your word is better than my guess! :wink:

Other that that, you should be able to run


in dom0 and get a report (that should include the R4.1.2-rcX & 6.1.X - but please check).

Wrt. suspend: There has been a few posts lately, about suspend … have you checked those?

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Hi @ChrisA

I confirm that:

  • Sound works
  • WiFi network works out of the box. USB-C to Ethernet also works, but has to be manually connected to sys-net.
  • Webcam works

The makeup from suspend is still an issue. I added mem_sleep_default=deep option to the kernel, device goes to sleep BUT laptop responds to key press weirdly: powers on, black screen and shuts off. Definitely would be nice to get suspend to work correctly.

@ All please help!

I am going to skip this for now and continue with NVIDIA driver.

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I have followed these instructions:

to compile and install NVIDIA drivers. All worked, however, when I installed KDE Desktop Environment, enabled “Wobble effect” compared nouveau and nvidia drivers performance I find nvidia causes extra fan noise, even when idle, and tearing when moving “wobble” windows. So I have switched back to nouveau as it performs better and fan is totally silent when idle.

PS: if you are buying this model, get a generic Intel Iris Xe Graphics 96 model and save some money @bankroll


I am about to pull the trigger and get one of these, and just want to confirm - when using the 6.1 kernel, everything except “hibernate” works as expected?

That is correct. Good choice!

What I was also pleasantly surprised with is that when I plugged in the second SSD, I was able to install Windows 11 on its hardware. Depending on an individual threat model, you might like this option of hassle free dual boot hitting F7 at start.

Also you can make Windows as a default boot, so if at the airport one asks you to turn it on, they see Windows booting.

This dual boot is a risk for some, because /boot partition can potentially be accessed from Windows 11 and tampered with. The only workaround is to disable Qubes SSD from BIOS if installed in the second slot.

Good point, you mentioned ditching the Nvidia GPU and saving some cash, did you find that the Laptop was still able to run an external monitor with the integrated graphics? I have two 4k screens and am curious.

I won’t be able to tell you that. How do I disable NVIDIA card completely to test it?

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Great thread! Moved to Hardware Issues since that’s where this kind of thread belongs.


Honestly, I am not sure. But one way or another I will have an answer in two weeks.

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I assume you are waiting for a delivery? :+1:

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