Qubes OS 1-2 minute tutorial video ideas

If someone were to create quick 60 to 90-second tutorial videos of how to do particular things in Qubes OS (with screen grabs and everything), what are some of the things you would you like to see?

  • Port forwarding to VM for web hosting
  • GPU passthrough for gaming
  • Setting up a cryptocurrency wallet/node/miner
  • Customising Plymouth boot logo
  • Setting up hardware encryption USB key (YubiKey)
  • Setting up Qubes backup
  • Upgrading the kernel
  • Getting wifi 6 to work
  • Bluetooth headphones with all Qubes
  • N64 emulation (with Bluetooth gamepad passthrough)
  • Template maintenence
  • Pen-testing
  • Setting up a sys-usb Qube (properly, with visuals too)
  • Showing live examples of how Qubes deals with various malware
  • Showing off the fancy GUI admin tools that the Qubes dev team have been hard at work on
  • Running Tor hidden services in Qubes
  • Running a Tor relay inside a Qube (could be fun)
  • Sys-gui desktop ricing
  • Qubes OS at work (this might take a bit longer than 2 minutes)
  • Qubes OS for students
  • Windows 10 with Qubes OS
  • MacOS with Qubes OS (probably licensing issues on this one, but would still be really cool to see!)
  • Android-x86 in a Qube
  • FreeBSD/OpenBSD as a template
  • Password manager in vault
  • Requiring authentication to boot a Qube (I would absolutely love this for work machines!)
  • Multiple displays in Qubes OS
  • “Can it run Qubes OS?” - Legacy hardware deep dive
  • “Can it run Qubes OS?” - Apple hardware
  • “Can it run Qubes OS?” - x86 tablets
  • “Can it run Qubes OS?” - Pocket PCs (for the record, yes they can, and it’s AWESOME!)
  • “Can it run Qubes OS?” - any other hardware you can think of
  • Playing CTF hacking games with Qubes OS
  • Creating a sys-gpio Qube for SBCs
  • Video conferencing with Qubes OS
  • OpenMediaVault in Qubes OS
  • HomeAssistant/OpenHAB in Qubes OS
  • CCTV security camera monitoring in a Qube with hardware passthrough
  • Chia Plotting in Qubes OS and resizable LVM partitions (could be cool…maybe…)
  • Live-streaming in Qubes OS (well, some people might want to do it…)
  • Video editing in Qubes OS
  • Network Simulation in Qubes OS

No suggestions would be dismissed. They could be geared towards newbies, competent users, and the 1337-h4xx0r5 of Qubes OS. Or maybe a different tutorial for each level.

Anything else you’ve always wanted to know how to do on Qubes OS (and see visuals for)?


A vpn config for the ultra-paranoid. Double hop (from two different VPN providers) reconnecting every 2-5 seconds. Would be interesting to see, I couldn’t get my vpn to connect fast enough for it to be reasonable but I’d be interested in seeing it working.

One or two minutes isn’t a whole lot of time to go too in-depth. There are some 20 minute videos of Qubes OS that only scratch the surface for what beginners need to know. With that said, I think it would be helpful to focus on the “why” and “how” for complete beginners. So essentially, an elevator pitch for how dystopian the cybersecurity scene is then show the viewer how easy it is to actually switch to and use Qubes OS. I think the main reason that people dread switching their operating system is that they think it’s somewhat difficult and they don’t see a great need to do so because their current OS already works for them, thus the cons being the difficulty and effort of switching outweigh any pros because they already have something that works. So I think focusing on expressing just how easy it would be may be the most helpful. Essentially, increase the pros by explaining “why” security matters so much and decrease the cons by explaining “how” easy it actually is.


You’re absolutely right, but I was kind of thinking these videos would be for us, the ones who already use it, make us go “Oh wow, I didn’t know I could do that…” or “I’ve been wanting to do that for years!” :sweat_smile:

I’d like to see that in action. That sounds awesome. :heart_eyes:

I support this idea

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  • Install software in Template VM
  • BIOS modification to enable Qubes OS to install (disable secure boot; see if legacy boot is needed; make sure virtualization is on; other options for some laptops)
  • Start browsing in TOR (that’s it; show how easy it is)
  • Copy/move from Dom0 (ex: Dom0 screenshots)
  • Installing a new Fedora Template, when old one reaches End-of-Life, installing software in the new one, and switching current AppVMs to the new template.

This could become obsolete too quickly: [Contribution] qvm-screenshot-tool · Issue #953 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub and Screenshot Tool Invocation · Issue #5809 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub.

That’ll probably be a very bland video…. :joy:
It would need to be made interesting with nice diagrams and animations, to make sudo dnf install (replace with your favourite package manager) more interesting.

But I can see how it would be necessary, and it would probably work.

Would anyone be willing to screen capture their BIOS? Blur out the sensitive information, obviously before uploading it….

That one would be good.

This one would definitely be good. I have a feeling there are people out there who are still using Whonix 15.

I’ve also broken quite a few Arch templates now that they seem to have moved to Python 3.10.

So this one would be very very good!

I might do this in the future if I have enough knowledge about the OS that might be longer than your requirements.

Would you like to use the first 2 minutes from my own video here showing BIOS information? It’s in Arabic. You can blur out the sensitive information :sweat_smile: I suggested in my video to update the BIOS / firmware from Windows before installing Qubes. You could also include this notion in yours.

Feel free to use my two Arabic language reviews.

Yes, but vital for many.


Here are some more video ideas:

  • Installing Signal Desktop in its own AppVM in a dedicate Template-Debian-Minimal
  • Installing Threema Desktop in its own AppVM in a Template-Debian-Minimal
  • Installing Telegram Desktop in its own AppVM in a Template-Debian-Minimal

I could write some guides for that



شكرا لك حبيبي
(Thank you, Habibi [Buddy])


Is there any awesome animated version of the Qubes OS logo?

I’m imagining something like the GameCube startup animation:

Does anything like this exist?