Can I get a complete course for qubes

I am really like the concept of qubes and I want to use it as my primary system because I need to use many templates .But I am beginner so I need a course.

Where I can find it ? I am searching for along time

"It is important for me for security reasons"


The best thing you can do is read the docs, particularly the
[Introduction] (Introduction | Qubes OS) and Getting Started

If you can, install Qubes and get used to it, but do not use it for any
security critical activities. Make sure you are able to do the things
you want to do, and yo are able to use Qubes properly.
Take your time.
Read the Forum and the mailing lists - there’s lots of useful material
When you are happy, wipe the disk and install again, and start to use
the system in earnest.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

Yes, the docs are really good even though not an easy read. Also, you can install Qubes on a USB stick for testing, which will not affect your current system.

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Why There are no video courses for qubes -even with acceptable price- :

  • It would be helpful for beginner and experts. A lot of people need privacy, but sometimes it is difficult.
  • I think earning of these courses helpful for the project to improve.
  • It would be certified course.

I can’t find any Complete, Trustworthy and Simple course for qubes


Because nobody has made them. Almost nobody benefits from using their free time making videos. If you pay million units of money, somebody will likely do the task for you.

For a small volunteer community it is often better to maintain textual guides because those can be updated easily. Videos are more difficult to update. Maybe small segments can be cut to replace outdated video segments but usually video guide needs to be redone completely from the scratch.

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