Why qubes don't have a fully video tutorial for it?

I think it would be easier to learn qubes from videos tutorials


Yes, it would be great. The answer is, because the tiny team of Qubes developers has no resources to make it and the community did not do it yet.
See also: Qubes OS Videos Megathread.


Yes I agree with you . But I hope we could have it soon

If any one were to produce a good video introduction (note that “good”)
I am sure it would be adopted for the web site.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team.
When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

There are a handful of videos out there. Mostly overviews. The biggest challenge I see is being concise and using the right language and terminology to clearly explain everything. Qubes is unique and it’s easy to express incidental details incorrectly when explaining certain things. Aside from confusing the beginner, those incongruencies will likely be noticed immediately by more advanced users.

So whoever does such a project will likely need to have a very good understanding of Qubes as a whole. It’s similar to how beginner classes at top universities are often taught by tenured or seasoned professors. Beginners need someone with a good all-around grasp of the platform to clearly articulate the basics (rather than another beginner trying to be helpful…) Sadly, most advanced users are more interested on advanced topics so these videos don’t get produced.

If someone was to do such a series, it would be great to see it structured after the written documentation. Having the option to watch a video walkthrough of each section of the documentation would be immensely helpful.

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There was a nice interactive tutorial for Qubes presented during the last Qubes Minisummit. Maybe that will one day go upstream.


Write down things you’d like to see in videos here:

They can be simple or advanced.

The other issue with videos is that it doesn’t always look good when the video goes something like this:
“Just open a terminal and type in this paragraph of commands, and you’re done!” :joy:

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Why qubes don’t have a fully video tutorial for it?

Actually, there are several, but they are all for older releases, so they are out-of-date now.

Why are there no up-to-date video tutorials?

Because the originals were made by volunteers, and no one has voluntarily made newer ones yet. Good video tutorials are difficult and time-consuming to make. Three ingredients are needed: time, ability, and will. It’s rare for someone who has all three to step up and make one. We’re immensely grateful when they do.


Yep. That was mine. I haven’t worked much on it but hopefully I’ll manage to do it. For others reading this, please note that’s an integrated onboarding tutorial and not a video tutorial. Although I guess my explanation of it kind of works like one.

For the concept I presented on the minisummit I only ended up making the first onboarding tutorial, since the analysis of participants feedback alone was already quite time-consuming. My goal was to introduce to some key concepts, while not overloading with too much information. Here is a breakdown of what’s introduced in it.

They most important part I figured is learning the distinction between Qubes and learning that they’re something you can start and close (as opposed to any other operating system).

I totally second @necker words.

As part of my work for the above-mentioned project, I’ve tried to understand the key concepts of Qubes from the user-perspective and have summarized them bellow. Maybe something is missing.