Qubes_dom0-root and other key files don't exist error after trying to EFI partition

Hi forks, so I had to mount and unmount my EFI partition to get the Qubes OS work

I followed the instructions given by a kind member but got this warning and error now. What should I do? Does this mean that my Qubes OS is dead?

Thanks for reading and time!

It can’t find your Qubes OS encrypted LUKS partition with specific UUID.
Not sure why. You can boot from Qubes OS installer USB in Rescue mode once again and check what UUID do you have for partitions on your Qubes external drive with this command:
And see if there’s a partition with this specific UUID from your image.

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Hi disp6252. Thanks again for your insights. I did what you had asked and was able to find the UUID

Could you be so kind as to tell me what should I do next?

Anyway really thank you

Do you get a password prompt to unlock your LUKS partition when you try to boot Qubes?
Or is it just fails like this without even asking for password?
You can save rdsosreport.txt file when Qubes fails to boot and look for more specific errors there. Or upload it here if you can’t find anything relevant.

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No I don’t get a password prompt, it simply cannot enter into the Desktop. I could see the loading page, but after that, nothing, it jumps to the error page

I’ve been trying to export the rdsosreport.txt file, but I don’t know what to type. Could you kindly give me some suggestion…I can’t even find anything on Google, is it because this is too basic?

It sucks to be a noob at Qubes lol…

You have to enter 2 passwords: first one to decrypt your LUKS partition during boot that you have to enter only once and second one is the password for your user in dom0 that you enter in lockscreen when Qubes will finish to boot.

You can copy it to your USB drive (not sure if ntfs is supported).
You can find out which device is your USB drive with blkid.
Then assuming that your USB drive is /dev/sdc and partition number is 1:

mkdir /usb
mount /dev/sdc1 /usb
cp /run/initramfs/rdsosreport.txt /usb/.
umount /usb
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When you have the boot-screen (“Qubes, with Xen hypervisor”)

  • hit e to edit the config
  • locate the quiet keyword on the kernel-line and remove it
  • verify that the kernel-line has rd.luks.uuid=luks-d7c9210f-61e8-4dd0-9d64-24f4d88a658b
  • Press Ctrl+x to boot in verbose mode

Does that change anything?

Wrt. the rdsosreport.txt: You can probably dump it on the EFI-partition (/dev/sdb1) … :slight_smile:

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No I don’t get a password prompt, it simply cannot enter into the Desktop.

I’ve been trying to export the rdsosreport.txt file, but I’ve failed to do it.

Hi ChrisA, thanks for your insights, but sadly the method you mentioned doesn’t work for me. Anyway really thanks for your input

Describe what you’ve tried to do and what errors did you get.

Hi disp6252, sorry for the late reply, I’ve been trying to get the file imported, but with no results. Somehow Qubes cannot read my USB drive so I’ve reformatted it three times into different formats (exFAT, FAT, and so on). Now I’m still trying to get Qubes to read my USB

I hadn’t replied to you not because I hadn’t read your answer, but I’ve been trying to get Qubes to import the file as you described. IDK, maybe it’s just me who’s too stupid lol

Basically as you can see, my Qubes has five drives, and kindly note that I’ve typed blkid several times, whether I had USB plugged into or not. You can tell that Qubes somehow doesn’t recognize my USB which works just fine in another PC

To be honest man, I’m so exhausted. I’m feeling like I’m super dumb or Qubes is just too complicated for me. And I don’t really like distrubing others. If I could I wish I’d be able to solve these problems myself, but I can’t and I have to continuosly ask for people’s help. I really don’t like that. But really thanks for you guys’ generosity, really.

BTW the forum also just notified me that I’ve written too many replies for a new user…Maybe I’ll have to create a new account to bypass the restrictions…

Did you configure sys-usb for your Qubes last time when you booted it?
Make a photo of module2 line like in this screenshot:

By following steps from here:

Press the E key on the first prompt (or your custom prompt). Then, press the down arrow key multiple times to reach the line starting with module2.

Autostart troubleshooting | Qubes OS

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Hi disp6252. Indeed I configured sys-usb last time when I booted it. Here’s the image that you asked for

Remove rd.qubes.hide_all_usb from module2 line and press Ctrl+X.


Warning: By assigning a USB controller to a USB qube, it will no longer be available to dom0. This can make your system unusable if, for example, you have only one USB controller, and you are running Qubes off of a USB drive.

USB qubes | Qubes OS


Holy shit, now it looks like to be working. I’ve been asked to insert my disk password???

Oh wait maybe not yet, still getting errors. Let me reboot and see…

Never mind .. the `rd.qubes.hide_all_usb` explains it ..

Have you remove the /dev/sdb drive (the one with LUKS-filesystem - Qubes installation)?

The UUID d7c9210f-61e8-4dd0-9d64-24f4d88a658b seems to be missing from the blkid (?)

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Hi disp6252, LOL thanks for the insights, I’ve been asked to insert my disk password. But after that I get another error, i.e. this one

And strangely I cannot even type commands

I guess we’re almost there? Anyway really, if you’ve more important things to do please just put this aside for now. Answer me back maybe when you’ve more time, like 3 days or 14 days later whenever you’ve more time

There seems to be a problem with ext4 filesystem on your /boot partition /dev/sdb2. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, somehow it got corrupted.
You can boot from Qubes OS installer USB and try to fix it from there:
fsck -f /dev/sdb2
If it won’t work then try:
e2fsck -p -f /dev/sdb2

Hi disp6252,thanks really for your insights. Wish you all the best!

I encountered similar error as on the last screenshot:

“Ext4-fs error (device nvme0n1p1) : ext4_wait_block_bitmap:571: comm ext4lazyinit: Cannot read block bitmap - block_group = 7, block_bitmap = 136”

In my case I have installed Qubes OS in legacy mode on nvme ssd. Then I moved that ssd to the second M.2 slot on my laptop and boot from there. After typing disk password the above error was thrown.

When I move the ssd back to the first M.2 slot the Qubes boot again without errors.

Do I need to update some config file to make it run on the second M.2 slot?