EXT4-fs error, cannot read block bitmap. What should I do?

Hi guys, so somehow I can’t start my Qubes OS because of this error. According to a gentleman it’s “a problem with ext4 filesystem on [my] /boot partition /dev/sdb2…somehow it got corrupted”

I tried the solutions he reccomended, i.e.

You can boot from Qubes OS installer USB and try to fix it from there:
fsck -f /dev/sdb2
If it won’t work then try:
e2fsck -p -f /dev/sdb2

However, I haven’t got the problem solved

Can I know what should I do now? I’m really, really frustrated, coz I just wanted to start my Qubes OS but had to solve several problems one after the other. And now I’m feeling like I might as well re-stall Qubes OS…

Thanks for your time and reading!

Try to mount this partition and check the files on it:

mkdir /mnt/boot
mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt/boot
ls -la /mnt/boot

This is a general Linux problem and not really related to Qubes so it’d be faster to find help on stackexchange/superuser/reddit/etc.