PSA: using a VPN under Qubes for Dummies

Installing a VPN can be difficult, the mailing list and forum are full
of examples. Hence my advice:

  1. pick a provider that offers OpenVPN
  2. follow these instructions:
    GitHub - QubesOS-contrib/qubes-tunnel: Integration of vpn tunnels for Qubes OS
  3. be done with it

I don’t mean to imply anything about OpenVPN/Wireguard, various scripts
etc. This post is meant to safe the so-called “non-technical” user or
the one that has other stuff to do but needs a VPN qube NOW a lot of
time an nerves. The above works.

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I also second this PSA.

I’ve used qubes-tunnel with OpenVPN and WireGuard servers that I control and qubes-tunnel is the simplest way to “VPN” on Qubes.

Unfortunately QubesOS-contrib does not get much attention.

I think sys-work will do for production then add network manager so they can connect to work vpn. Lastly, write a good doc for how to blacklist all ip except the one or some ip in the vpn or script to automatically adding firewall when connected to ovpn.

I like qube security, anonimity is another thing.