Paid Qubes support?

Has any consideration been given to a tier of paid support? I noticed that whonix has a paid support option, no clue how much it costs but for the issue I have (not one response in 2 weeks) I’d be willing to pay $50-$75? That is likely not much I realize (about as much as i could afford) but I really really wanted to try to figure it out and I could not elicit one response despite my trying to add more information etc. I completely realize I am owed nothing and this is free software but having a paid support ticket option might be a bit of extra revenue for the project?

That would be interesting. Payments could be made with Monero, too.

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Devs are already working hard on maintaining Qubes 4.1 and creating the new 4.2 version, so I don’t think they have any room for paid support.

Perhaps it would be a way for advanced users to “donate” to the project, they support those willing to pay directly and the “supported” can make additional (hopefully they have already donated something) donations. Maybe through a multi signed crypto (I know very little about this).
Just a thought.

Been thinking about the same the past weeks!

I’ll be doing support for privacy services in general soon anyway, doubt many will be able to get onto Qubes, but that service totally should be there :slight_smile:

Good idea, but most of the revenue would go towards paying the support staff for their time, instead of directly to the Qubes OS Project, sadly…

Doubt anyone would do it for free as anything other than a sporadic non-obligatory favour to the project. It would likely drive you insane eventually, and the phrase “I want to use Qubes because I want to be more secure.” would likely become a trigger-phrase…

$50-$75 would likely be the equivalent of 30 minutes of support, if any extra money was to go to the actual project, and at that rate, only corporations massively in profit would likely be willing to spend this on an ongoing basis (most likely a subscription).

Unless I’m wrong, and there actually is a market for this…?

Well, the case here for paid support (prior of Qubes installation) is an interesting one where nothing is actually existing to cover such support need.

From a technical perspective, that would fall into the “hardware enablement” which is difficult to realise unless the “supporter” also has access to the hardware, or get a lot of logs from the user to be able to “guess” what is the cause of a problem and resolve the issue. Easier locally to document and test, and then create documentation to be replicated by remote user.

For other support use cases where Qubes in installed and working, a tool was developed under grant by Qubes and Whonix collaboration, which permits remote control of dom0 over tor hidden onion service provided througj whonix, if the user installs the server components under dom0, starts manually the service and shares with the trusted third party administrator an automatically generated secret through a preestablished trusted communication channel. You have to understand here that trust to the remote admin is implicit and delegated.

The documentation for the remote administratiom tool is under Whonix here: Remote Administration - Whonix

As you can understand here, liability, trust and responsibility issues are not resolved in the software itself, which is delegated to offline established trust. Let it be a friend, or an already trusted IT team member, to resolve on the spot issues, in the form of on demand and explicit support requests from users.

The creation of "trusted Qubes remote admins, as of today, doesn’t exist. There is no “suggested paid rate” nor “recommended paid support providers” either. But the tool exists, with associated risks. One of the goal was to be able to create such paid service.

Note that the tool is slow, because it is bound to VNC over a tor hidden onion service. It should be considered as a first step into scoping the remote admin needs, and is not necessarily optimized for the actual use case. It should be used carefully and improved through usage, by those who needs it.

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