Remote into Dom0?

Is there any good solution to remote into Qubes Dom0 Gui?

[I know that this is not inline with the purpose of Qubes, but I have a use case wherein I really need to be able to remote into Dom0 and would secure that connection as much as possible.]

Any way to achieve desired result ?

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From the release-notes:

Optional qubes-remote-support package now available from repositories (strictly opt-in, no package installed by default; no new ports or network connections open by default; requires explicit connection initiation by the user, then requires sharing a code word with the remote party before a connection can be established; see #6364 for more information)

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Is there a setup guide to make this simpler ?
Can it be accessed from out of network, does it require vpn connection to same local

I haven’t tried using it, but you could enable the sys-gui-vnc, from what I understand it would allow you to connect to a Qubes OS host using VNC.

Maybe not accessible to everyone: Qubes-remote-support - New features and support for Whonix 16

But quote from there:

Those improvements would highly reduce trust implied from remote support third parties, where that “wifi slider” could be turned off by support requester at any moment, and where dom0 screenshots from the support requester would permit some kind of traceability of what happened along the support session, alongside of logs.
But those were not considered under Nlnet grant accomplished work, and leaves place for further improvements.

Otherwise documentation is here:

And side discussion for paid support is here:

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