Paid Qubes support?

So, I pay to someone to resolve recent crashes… It’s so delicate… I’m almost sure when people pay they want their issue to be resolved.
So probably, it’s better first to define offer: what can and what can’t be done.

As mentioned here, Nitrokey seems to provide paid support for Qubes OS. I saw this somewhere on their services/products. Might not hurt to ask directly there.

Yes some escrow & QA function is key, but perhaps that could be built while just bootstrapping it as a section?

Personally I would be interested in trying to get newbies up & running, even though I’ve been using Linux since 98 or so I’m not qualified for deep/advanced technical support.

Idk if anybody’s interested but I’m willing to trade qubes support in exchange for indentured labor in my minecraft server

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It would probably be easier just to have a forum section for it and link to the entire forum section from the website than try to maintain an ever-changing list of support offerings directly on the website. (For example, every time someone wanted to edit their own “post,” it would require a pull request and complete review and merge of that PR due to the website repo’s security policy, whereas here everyone can edit their own posts at will.)