Old forum links in posts

If I go to an old topic containing links to old forum posts, as the links are static they have retained the old domain; and, for me at-least, the old domain does not redirect - requiring manual link rewriting.


Link contained within:

does not redirect.

This is not a major issue for me, but it may hinder other users in navigation - I can think of two relatively simple solutions:

  1. Automatically rewrite all links in the forum containing:‘qubes-os.discourse.group’ to ‘forum.qubes-os.org
  2. Maintain a redirect for qubes-os.discourse.group to forum.qubes-os.org (if this is possible?)
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Hi @deeplow and @michael ,
do you think that one of the two above solution is possible?
Thanks to @Quser59 for the report.

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Thanks for reporting! And thanks to @ludovic for pinging me. All the links should have been rewritten. I’ll check with the hosting company.

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The hosting providers just re-ran this. And on that particular post it’s now fixed. If you see anything else, please let us know.