Old Forum Not Redirecting

This is currently implemented. Are you not getting redirected?

I can confirm that this link does not automatically redirect for me either.

qubes-os.discourse.group also does not (no longer?) redirects automatically.

I could have sworn I saw automatic redirection working at some point after the migration. It must have broken somehow.

It’s redirecting for me. Try it on private browsing mode. I bet you’re still logged on the old forum. If so you have it disabled because you are an admin (that’s one of the fail-safes to make sure you keep being able to access the admin console).

Oh, good point. Yes, they both redirect for me when using incognito mode.

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I do recall at some point I was. The link above is now rewritten to forum.qubes-os.org anyhow.

No, not without enabling JavaScript.

Yes. It’s a JS only redirect. In order to do it without JS I think we’d need access to the back-end. And the previous hosters made it explicit there was nothing they could do for us in that regard.