[NOOB] How to install USB-WIFI without internet?

Im loosing my patience. Yes, there is a couple topics around the topic - No, i cant make sense of it.

The laptop doesnt have ethernet. Fixing the WiFi didnt work at all. So i bought a WiFi Stick - stupid me thought “oh damn its not driverless, thats why its not working” and i went to buy a “driver-free” Stick.

Little did i know “driver-free” just means drivers on the Stick for MacOS and Windows. Duhh.

Can someone explain to me like im a stupid ass child what to do now?
If not, im ready to move on but im most Linux solutions will have a similiar problem.


If you just need a USB Wi-Fi adapter that will work, you can check out Wireless Adapters | RYF to get a Wi-Fi adapter that doesn’t need proprietary drivers and just works. However, the cheapest USB adapter there is still $35.
Alternatively, you can try using your phone for temporary network access using USB tethering.

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Laptop type ? wifi chipset ? what qubes version you try to install ?