Unable to Attach Specific USB Wifi Adaptor

I’m wondering if anyone might be able to trouble shoot attaching a Wifi Adaptor to a NetVM from sys-usb. For some reason, when i attempt to attach it, it seems to time out with an error:

Attaching device <deviceName> to sys-net failed. Error: QubesException - Device attach failed: /usr/lib/qubes/usb-import: line 94: echo: write error: Invalid argumentAttach timeout. check kernel log for details. VM: "localhost" File: "/usr/lib/qubes/usb-import" Version Control: https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-app-linux-usb-proxy/blob/master/src/usb-import

The adapter had been working previously without issue, though it may have been on a previous install of Qubes from the one I’m on now (but same machine). I don’t think it’s broken as it works under windows on another machine. I have a second USB adapter that attaches correctly but just this one is having issues.

The error message seems to reference a VM called “localhost” which doesn’t exist as far as I’m aware. Also the file path referenced “/usr/lib/qubes/usb-import” doesn’t seem to exist under dom0. The qubes folder doesn’t have a usb-import anyway. Maybe this is related to some sort of update that was done?

It also seems to not work at all when attaching USB devices directly to the NetVM (Fedora or Debian based). But it works fine when USB devices are attached to a Windows HVM.

After a full reinstall, the adapter seems to be fully working; as expected. Will try some updates and see if it breaks it again.

Strange. There was a similar (the same?) problem a while ago and the user mentioned that it had been working for a while as well. Could be related.