Problem attaching Atheros USB WiFi to sys-net in Qubes 4.03

Hi, I am currently trying to attach my Atheros USB WiFi adapter for Qubes OS, I can see it is connected to dom0 but not sys-net. I can’t see any option to attach it as a USB to sys-net in the dropdown menu (as in the device doesn’t show). I also can’t attach it as PCI otherwise I will lose my keyboard and mouse functionality because they are connected to the same PCI device, I also don’t use sys-usb as from what I understand you can only use it if you don’t use a USB keyboard (which is what I use).

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First you might want to confirm that the Fedora or Debian Template has drivers to support your specific USB WiFi device.

For example, in the Debian Template you may need a nonfree atheros driver.

Secondly, due to your hardware setup, you may benefit from the option during your Qubes OS installation to:

Use sys-net qube for both networking and USB devices.

Use sys-net qube for both networking and USB devices: You should select this option if you rely on a USB device for network access, such as a USB modem or a USB Wi-Fi adapter.

A quick fix can be to open Qube Manager -> sys-usb -> Settings -> Services, add network-manager, confirm with OK.

Reboot sys-usb.

Hey JustGeorge,

just for your information.

The Alfa Network Adapter works without any issues with an sys-usb qube. Just assign the Network device to sys-net. My sys-net uses fedora as templateVM. Worked out of the box.

Second. Of course you can use an usb keyboard with sys-usb. It is kind of weakening security but i guess that always depends on the situation. ( e.g. spoofed bad usb devices)

Here is a way to use an usb keyboard for login.

As i have a laptop, i configured it the way with a popup everytime i plugin a device.
For me thats ok.

Maybe it helps :slight_smile: