No possibility to enter disk password after BIOS update

I updated my BIOS on my MSI AMD system. I have a dual boot system with Windows and Qubes OS 4.1.

After the BIOS update the BIOS settings where reset and I forget to change back for a few hours. Then I wanted to boot into Qubes but noticed that the Boot Menue entry was gone. I first thought this is related to the BIOS settings, so I changed them back (enable IOMMU, Disable Secure Boot) but the entry was still not there.

I found a solution with Refind which I set up to replace by boot manager and now Windows as well as Qubes OS can be chosen.

The problem is now that I can not get into Qubes anymore. The loading screen is very slow (the qubes symbol on the dark background with the loading bar at the bottom). And after the bar reaches it final position after several minutes and when I finally are askes for the disk password I can not enter is as Qubes does not recognize my USB mouse nor keyboard.

Normally this loading screen only takes seconds before asking for my disk password.

What can I do? Can I get it working in emergency mode? Iā€™m able to boot into this and unlock my disk.

Please help.

Did some further debugging and it seems it is related to this issue here: Unable to install 4.1.0 - udev error while assigning device slot ID

I receive xhci_hcd Error while assigning device slot ID issue during boot.

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