Logout window opens repeatedly on its own

I’ve had the logout window repeatedly appear lately. The only solution to make it go away was to disconnect sys-net. This was before and after a fresh install of 4.2.0. Subsequently, I did a fresh install of 4.2.1 and haven’t seen the problem yet. Has anyone seen this problem?

There was a similar report recently:

I wonder if that’s more related to my other post

Maybe I didn’t understood correctly what do you mean by logout window.

Do you mean this window?

In that case maybe it’s a hardware problem with you power button on your PC case or sleep button on keyboard.

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Yeap, that window. Good idea. I have a VFD display with a remote control and there could be random RF signals sent. If I hit the power button on the remote, that window appears. The battery on the remote was strangely dead yesterday and I had to recharge it. That has to be it.

This is similar to my problem. What I have is that when I have successfully locked the computer, the screen keeps waking up. I haven’t been able to prevent that by using software to disable touchpad and mouse input. Next time I open the laptop I’ll try a hardware disconnect.