Suspend issue

Odd one: if I lock the screen, the locked screen keeps waking up in an endless cycle. So I thought, who needs lock? I’ll just suspend to RAM instead of locking. This works fine (although once you wake it up you end up in the same cycle if you don’t log in).

So it seems like something keeps not so much ‘waking it up’ but doing something that’s detected as user activity. And then I realized, the screen never dims and the inactivity-to-sleep interval is never reached, even if I don’t touch the laptop.

Any idea how to go about diagnosing this would be gratefully received. It’s a fairly vanilla install of 4.2.1 on a 16GB i5 Dell 5420.

What if you disconnect your keyboard and mouse? Will it still cycle the screensaver blanking?

Sorry, I should have said - Dell 5420 is a laptop … although is there some command i can issue in dom0 to drop the HCI devices?

You can try this:

Maybe run a command in dom0 to test it like this:
input_dev_disable; run_screensaver; sleep 60; input_dev_enable

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Sorry, I’m having trouble finding what to put in the input_dev_disable and _enable scripts - most of my searching has lead me to ‘xinput’ which doesn’t exist in my dom0. I tried renaming what appeared to be appropriate .ko modules and rebooting but still no luck.

Maybe you can try unbind if you don’t want to install xinput in dom0:

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