Computer wakes from sleep on its own

Is there a reason why my computer wakes from sleep on its own, like update scripts? I just did a fresh install of 4.2.1 yesterday. I didn’t really do much other than browse a few news website and forums and put the computer to sleep for the night. I woke up to find the computer awake.

this is not possible as the system is sleeping and does not run any code

It could be a device trigger a wakeup like usb device or ethernet.

Is it consistently resuming from sleep? After how long? At a fixed hour?

It could be one of those triggers but I’m not sure. It’s also a home theater pc with a VFD media display and I normally use a remote control to wake it. I can also use the keyboard to wake but with usb-sys running, it doesn’t allow that to happen. I have ‘USB allowed to wake’ enabled in the BIOS in order to use the remote control. Maybe the problem is somewhere there now that you mentioned it.

Also I know the computer was put to sleep because the backlight on keyboard was off and I can’t wake the computer unless it hit the power button or use the remote control.

This isn’t the first time it happened. It happened a few times in the past but months ago. It’s just weird that it seems random.

If USB allowed to wake is enabled, you should be able to resume from sleep by typing anything on the keyboard if it’s an USB one, I suppose. In that case, if you have a pet (like a cat), they could just hit a key randomly sometime and resume the computer :see_no_evil:

Yeap. But I found with sys-usb running, which it was, you can’t wake the computer with the keyboard (wired).

There has been funny stuff going on with the power and the remote control so maybe it’s all related to hardware quirks.

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The more I think about, the more it seems this problem and the problem with the logout window appearing can both be caused by activating the power button on the remote control. I simply unplugged the IR blaster removed the battery on the remote and hopefully that clears up the problem until the next time.

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