Librem 14 Bluetooth device invisible to dom0 and sys-usb


I am using a Librem 14 with Qubes and am unable to get dom0, sys-usb (or any Qube for that matter) to successfully detect my built in Bluetooth device when it is activated via kill switch.

The bluetooth device is activated using the same switch as the camera, and when I flip the switch the camera device appears in my device list on my desktop UI as well as in sys-usb when I run “lsusb” from the terminal, however no Bluetooth device appears in either of these lists.

Does anyone know how can I get my Bluetooth device to show up in my USB list in sys-usb?

Are you usig 4.0 or 4.1rc? default kernel or kernel-latest? i am on 4.1rc and kernel-latest(-qubes-vm) and the bluetooth device is shown as 8087_0a2b (sorry i replaced the purism equiped wifi card with an intel device)

AFAIK, the Bluetooth device is activated by the WiFi switch, not the camera/microphone switch.

Also, did you install the proprietary firmware necessary for the Bluetooth to work?

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You’re correct, I mistyped which switch bluetooth corresponded to (but this wasn’t my issue). I have not installed any Bluetooth drivers… which drivers should I be installing and on which Qube? Or should they be installed on dom0?

See here for some info: Do Librem 13 and 15s come with Bluetooth - Librem - Purism community.

You need to install the firmware where your USB WiFi/Bluetooth card is connected (in sys-usb or sys-net probably, or actually in their template). Note that Bluetooth audio does not work securely on Qubes 4.0. A dedicated audio qube is coming in 4.1.

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