How to use Bluetooth?

I am new to Qubes OS. I don’t see any Bluetooth dongle in my settings. Or how to use Bluetooth?

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Hi @Refat, welcome to the Community! I’m glad you decided to try Qubes OS.

There are a few existing discussions on how to use Bluetooth:

and probably more.

You could try following the advises there, and in case you have any problems, do not hesitate to ask for more details.

All method’s not working!

Do you get any errors? Or do you need any clarification about the needed steps or their security implications?

my main problem is i don’t show where is my Bluetooth dongle! or how can i connect it to my VM!

Are you using a USB keyboard? Do you have a sys-usb qube? All USB devices are normally connected to the latter by default. Do you see the dongle in Qubes Devices widget?

I don’t see sys-usb

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By default, sys-usb is created during the installation unless you are using a USB keyboard or boot your Qubes from a USB device. If you have no sys-usb qube, it means all your USB devices are connected to dom0, which is not very secure.

Do you see your Bluetooth in dom0? Try lsusb command there in the terminal.

Yes, when I use this command in dom0 then I can see my Bluetooth device

Are you willing to use it inside dom0 despite the security implications? You probably would have to perform the steps from my above post there.

No I don’t, but how can solve sys-usb qube problem

We need more information to help you with that. You never replied to my questions about the keyboard and from where you boot your Qubes OS. Which hardware are you using?

There was a problem when I install Qubes. In the last moment it show me sys-net unable to reset then I click ok and then it I don’t know the OS installed correctly or not.And I don’t use USB for boot

This is unrelated to Bluetooth (unless you combined sys-net and sys-usb. Did you? There was a tick during the installation).

I don’t see why you have no sys-usb. You did not reply about your laptop model.

I use PC Asus motherboard and USB Bluetooth

Change the sys-usb qube template from fedora-36 to fedora-36-xfce

I don’t have sys-usb qube

So you are using a desktop PC? It seems you do have a USB keyboard, which is why the sys-usb was not created automatically.

You can create one:

Yes, Now I have sys-USB Qube. What’s next?