Ledger not detetcted in MoneroGUI

Hello, i have set up my sys-usb, my qube can find my ledger but when i attached the ledger to my monero qube then cant find the monero app my ledger device…yubikey works fine, ledger dont work…
When i am in the app then i put my pin in the ledger and i ll create a wallet in monero gui but dont work.
Should i first install the ledger live?

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Perhaps these might be relevant:

Trying Ledger Live might help you narrow down the problem. For example, if Ledger Live is able to find and interact with the Ledger device inside the app qube, while the Monero program is not, then it’s likely that the problem lies with the Monero program rather than with the way Qubes is handling the Ledger device.

Ledger Live can detect my Ledger Wallet. What can i do that Monero App detect my Ledger?
I have the newest version of MoneroGUI and the newest firmware Update on my Ledger.

What do i put in the MajorMinor Adress? When i put 0:0 then will MoneroGUI message to my hardware wallet but i got nothing. When i put 3:100 then wallet not detectet, same when when let it standard.

I have no idea. You’d probably have to ask the Monero folks about that.

Sorry, this is way beyond my knowledge. I don’t even know what you’re referring to. Hopefully someone else can help you.