Ledger Nano S, Monero GUI wallet and anon-whonix


I am having difficulty getting my Ledger Nano S hardware wallet working with the Monero GUI wallet app on my anon-whonix Qube.

After plugging in the Ledger Nano S, unlocking it and opening my Monero app (on the hardware device) it appears as a USB device in my device list on Qubes. I am then able to attach this USB to anon-whonix.

However, when I attempt to restore my wallet using the hardware device option in the Monero GUI wallet on anon-whonix (something I have never had issues with on any OS other than Qubes) I receive the following error: “failed to generate new wallet. Unable to open device 1:11415”

Has anyone here ever used a Monero hardware wallet with a Qubes VM, and if so did you encounter any issues like this?

Maybe these could help: U2F proxy | Qubes OS and Improve qubes-u2f-proxy documentation · Issue #4661 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub.

Maybe also add the udev rule, How-to: Ledger Hardware Wallet in Whonix ™

Have you tried first connecting your Ledger Nano S to another software program in a qube, such as Ledger Live or MetaMask in Firefox? This way, you can first rule out any general problems pertaining to getting the Ledger to work with Qubes (or, more precisely, with software programs inside of individual qubes). This might help narrow down the problem.

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