How to install Qubes Windows Tools (QWT) in Windows 10 Offline qube?

I just setup a windows 10 standalone offline qube with help of Qubes docs.

Now I’d like to add Qubes Windows Tools (QWT). But above guide assumes, that the Windows qube is online and can download the tools itself. My qube is expected to be completely air gapped.

Frst thought was: Qube Manager → Select windows qube → Right click → Start qube for QWT installation.

But according to this post, there is no 4.1 support yet. Same post has an accepted answer with a link to a third-party repository with instructions how to manually build QWT.

So what is the official setup here? Is there a more simple alternative to manual compilation?

Otherwise I would suggest to integrate the instructions in the Qubes community docs.

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Also read this thread. The QWT 4.1.66 stuff starts on post 3



Also relevant: Windows support in Qubes
Reasons for no official QWT build are mentioned in post #4.

The go-to-solution for 4.1 seems to be now:

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Am I right that everything from building manually up to mounting the ISO inside the windows qube should not affect dom0 security at all, as all is done via disposable?