Cannot install qubes-windows-tools in dom0

I installed qubes os 4.1 beta1 directly from the iso. In the terminal of dom0, I tried:

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update -qubes-windows-tools


$ sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-current-testing qubes-windows-tools

But both commands say it can’t find the package.

How to install qubes-windows-tools?

I want to enable cut-and-paste between a Windows 10 HVM and Linux qubes.

The Windows 10 HVM is transferred from an old qubes os 4.0.

There’s no qubes windows tools in r4.1 you need to build by yourself.
check here GitHub - tabit-pro/qubes-windows-tools-cross: Qubes Windows Tools build with mingw, wine and qubes-builder

The instruction talks about building an iso and then insert the iso into the Windows HVM. But it doesn’t talk about installing anything into dom0.

I suspect the repository contain the QWT for the Windows guest instead of the QWT for the dom0 host.

The QWT package packages the iso so that you can load it with qvm-start --install-windows-tools
That package is installed in to dom0, and provides the iso containing
QWT for the qube.

As it is not available in 4.1 you have to build the iso and manually
copy it in to dom0, so you can start with qvm-start --cdrom..

You don’t have to copy the iso to dom0, the guide indirectly has you mount it to a dispVM, but any trusted VM is fine.

I got the same issue in start than i change the dom0 settings to sys-firewell from whonix do this may be its work !

Do you have any idea when QWT will be available for 4.1?
If I understand the release schedule correctly and everything goes well, 4.1 will be out by the end of November.

Does that mean that QWT will be available in the near future?

EDIT: I mean available as pre-built binary package. Building it from source is way beyond my capabilities.