Qvm-create-windows-qube for Windows 10 LTSC 2021

Hi guys,

Since the recent release of Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021, is it on anyone’s TODO list to update the qvm-create-windows-qube tool?



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Should be a very simple thing to do. It’s on my todo list.


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@elliotkillick, Does your qvm-create-windows-qube work for Windows 10 under Qubes 4.1 rc3? I used it successfully early on with Windows 7 under Qubes 4.0 , but failed soon after when I went to 4.1 alpha. I tried both win 7 and win10. I have not tried the script since.

I used QWT 4.1-65 to make my current win7 install fully function including seamless mode.

@GWeck, do you have any advice on this?

The current version of the script (delete windows-mgmt**, re-download install.sh and execute) works under Qubes 4.1rc3 with tabit-pro crossbuild QWT 4.1.66, see the history of pull requests in both projects.

You will need to download and build QWT 4.1.66 according to the instructions on the repo. You will need to move the iso to dom0 /usr/lib/qubes.

Caveat #1 would be I think there’s a newer ISO for the most recent LTSC that doesn’t have verification hashes set up yet…but you should be able to bypass that.

Caveat #2 as of Qubes 4.1rc3 there’s a bug that crashes QEMU in the stubdomain when going full screen on any HVM, no fix yet but marmarek has assigned issue to himself.


** but save-off the ISOs using qvm-copy beforehand if you will be using the same ISOs.

Thank You @brendanhoar, the instructions to build QWT 4.1.66 worked flawlessly. I saved the ISO and RPM files for when I try the Win 10 install.

question on Caveat #2. Is there a workaround for now, or should I just wait until @marmarek resolves the issue?

The workaround is: don’t use full screen mode. :slight_smile:


I just used QWT 4.1-66 on both existing W7 and W10 installations. This works for Qubes R4.0.4 and R4.1-rc3, and even for previous installations using QWT, which has to be removed before installing 4.1-66. So far, I had no trouble with this configuration, but I can confirm the full screen bug.

I did not try the script of @elliotkillick (sorry about that!), because in my worklflow, I have to start from pre-existing Windows installations, which may be several years old.

Thank you @GWeck and @brendanhoar ,

I was successful installing Windows 10 LTSC 2018 using @elliotkillick Qvm-Create-Windows-Qube tool. After a few tweaks I have everything working with exception of Seamless and full screen mode.

Has anyone made Seamless Mode work with Windows 10?

Seamless is not available for Windows 10, primarily due to Microsoft removing support for the type of video driver that was implemented when developing seamless mode for Windows 7 in Qubes.

As far as I am aware, no one is working on writing a new driver for seamless support for Windows 10.


Seamless mode for Windows 10 seems to require an updated or new grahic driver. Some time ago, there was a discussion about that with @marmarek . I still hope that someone will build that. :grinning:

The fix for fullscreen HVM issue under R4.1 is now available in current-testing repo.

@brendanhoar ,

it works perfectly for both win7 and win10.

caveat: must be set to max display resolution. in my case 1920x1080

Thank you very much

01/12/2022 UPDATE : when I try to apply windows update - 2022-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1809 for x64-based Systems (KB5009557) the update downloads and tries to install but gets stuck a 20% and eventually crashes the the Stand alone VM.

after the crash windows will start as usual but when looking at the update status it has reverted to pending update for this update. If the update is initiated the whole process is repeated and the system predictably crashes at 20% installed.

All other updates applied without fail but this particular Critical Update fails repeatedly

Has anyone succeeded applying this critical update?

I’m using Windows 10 LTSC 2018 installed with @elliotkillick Qvm-Create-Windows-Qube tool and QWT 4.1.66

Did you increase qrexec timeout?

qvm-prefs windows-10-vm qrexec_timeout 6000

No, I had not tried that, but sadly it did not fix the problem. The same behavior remains.

if you, or anyone else has a suggestion I will gladly try it.

Thank you very much.

Are you sure this could be Qubes specific?

Today 11/01/2022 Microsoft has released Windows 10 cumulative update KB5009557 for its October 2018 update version 1809. Installing Cumulative update KB5009557 bumps the OS to Windows 10 build 17763.2452. As per the Microsoft support site, this update doesn’t come with any new features, but instead, it includes a bunch of fixes and performance improvements. 2022-01 Cumulative Update for Windows Server 2019 and Windows 10 Version 1809 (KB5009557)