How to install Nix in a Qubes OS AppVM

I wrote how to install Nix in a Qube


Nix template is more interesting.

I didn’t find any Nix related template even in the community testing repository :frowning:

I installed Guix OS in a HVM, but in fact it’s more useful in an AppVM, see the unman’s guide:

Nix is a package system, not an OS, so you can adapt the solene’s guide to a dedicated Nix templateVM (by cloning a Debian or Fedora templateVM).

I didn’t use Guix foreign for a long time, but using it in an AppVM (non-guix) should be pretty similar to Nix in stand alone right?

Using Nix in a template seems tricky to me, because you may want to provide a pre-filled store in the template, but you may also want to have additional changes in an AppVM, I don’t think the persistent mode allow to merge a template directory + a persistent directory :thinking:

This could be improved soon when the stacking nix store will be available, see Super Colliding Nix Stores - Announcements - NixOS Discourse and my comment Super Colliding Nix Stores - #6 by Solene - Announcements - NixOS Discourse for the use case

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