How to change resolution of android qube

I managed to get the android x86_64 iso file bott up. However, the HVM window is out of my physical screen dimensions. I have a Thinkpad X230 and its screen height is at most 760 pixels. Here’s how the android qube HVM screen looks like on my Thinkpad screen:

As you can see, I can only see the Android HVM window’s top or bottom, but never see the whole window at its default resolution. A similar problem on PrestiumOS HVM can be solved by changing the resolution from inside the HVM, however, I am unable to find a similar setting in the Android.

Is there a way to change the resolution of the HVM window?

Any ideas about how I can resize/limit the VM window QubesOS creates when it boots from the android ISO file?

Yes, you can do it by editing the entry in the grub menu. Forgot the actual syntax but I did it before and it worked. Here is a guide:


Adding the vga=910 works during the boot-phase, however, when the android setup screen appears, the window resolution seems to reset to its default value. How can I get the vga=910 setting be persistent?

EDIT: adding nomodeset vga=ask seems to have caused my resolution setting to be persistent. I will write a detailed solution under this thread once I verify this.

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I wrote a guide on setting up the android qube incorporating the resolution changing steps from this thread: Android-x86 qube installation guide

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