How does the VM storage work internally?

Hi everyone,

Sorry for this rather basic topic: I am looking for some information on how the storage of the template/app VMs is handled internally by QubesOS.

My main question is: What is happening internally from storage perspective when I’m starting/shutting down an app VM and why does the shutdown seem to take longer, the more data is inside?

I do know that the LVMs are manged automatically and I did observe through sudo lvs that their number changes when the VM is started compared to when it’s stopped.

I tried to find the relevant explanation in the documentation but wasn’t successful yet.

Thanks in advance for some more insight on this topic!

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You might find some information in #5426 as well as the documentation.

There is also the original architecture spec from 2009, which you might find interesting.

Ultimately you could ask the devs over at the qubes-devel mailing list. But before doing that I’d make sure you did your homework.

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