Hard shutdown broke my system

After a hard shutdown, my Qubes OS 4.1 has broken. It did not allow me to start any VMs with the error something like

with different numbers.

After trying these commands (I shouldn’t have done it!)

I completely broke the boot and it is now stuck at

Job is running for LVM event activation on device 253:0 (10min 10s / no limit)

Finally, as I feared, I reached a point at which qvm-volume-revert cannot save me :frowning: Please help.

add 𝚛𝚍.𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚔 in your kernel parameters,
then try manually :

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/$drive luks
vgchange -ay qubes_dom0
lvchange -ay /dev/qubes_dom0/root
lvchange -ay /dev/qubes_dom0/swap
lvchange -ay /dev/qubes_dom0/vm
swapon /dev/qubes_dom0/swap

will that do ?

Sounds like you made some alterations that I cannot help you with.

But just mentioning that hard shutdowns have been causing me problems too. I get back in with a combination of rebooting multiple times and when i get past the login with no qubes/vms launching open a dom0 Terminal and run:

sudo qubesd

Then reboot some more.

As someone who hard-shutdowns every other day, this makes me nervous… :sweat:

Thank @51lieal for a prompt reply trying to help!

All I get is

cryptsetup: command not found
vgchange: command not found
lvchange: command not found
swapon: command not found

By the way, the password for the hard drive is correctly accepted before all this.

Yes, this is concerning that Qubes is so fragile with respect to hard shutdowns…

Following my intuition I would try to do this:

Boot from some Live USB and mount Qubes.
Assuming /dev/nvme0n1n3 - your Qubes LUKS partition.

# Decrypt LVM and mount dom0
sudo cryptsetup open /dev/nvme0n1n3 qubes_dom0
sudo vgchange -ay
sudo mount /dev/mapper/qubes_dom0-root /mnt
# Edit backup and change transaction ID to what it was before
sudo cp /mnt/etc/lvm/backup/qubes_dom0 /mnt/etc/lvm/backup/qubes_dom0.backup
sudo nano /mnt/etc/lvm/backup/qubes_dom0
# Restore the new metadata
sudo vgcfgrestore qubes_dom0 --file /mnt/etc/lvm/backup/qubes_dom0
# Need --force
sudo vgcfgrestore qubes_dom0 --file /mnt/etc/lvm/backup/qubes_dom0 --force


Thank you @tzwcfq for trying to help! Unfortunately it did not seem to solve the problem. The second command vgchange -ay took a very long time (about an hour) and printed a bunch of these errors:

Thin pool qubes_dom0-vm--pool-tpool (253:9) transaction_id is 8558, while expected 8560.

Then I could mount the partition, but file /mnt/etc/lvm/backup/qubes_dom0 does not contain any mentions of 8558 and the first transaction_id is actually 8560 (and later, many other numbers, too). So I don’t understand what I should change in this file. Subsequent reboot without changes did not solve the problem.

By the way, I had to perform a couple of impossible tasks for that: choosing an ultimately trusted USB stick and an ultimately trusted live distro… Is reinstalling always a more secure action in such cases (so lost data might even worth it)?

In my experience Qubes is extremely forgiving of hard shutdowns, and not
at all fragile.
It isn’t (of course) recommended.

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You can try to follow this guide:
After you create volume config backup with:
vgcfgbackup vg-fed -f /home/<user>/backup
Open the file /home//backup and change the transaction_id in qubes_dom0 { logical_volumes { vm-pool { segment1 { transaction_id = XXX } } } } block:

qubes_dom0 {
        physical_volumes {

                pv0 {

	logical_volumes {

                vm-pool {
                        segment_count = 1

                        segment1 {

                                type = "thin-pool"
                                metadata = "vm-pool_tmeta"
                                pool = "vm-pool_tdata"
                                transaction_id = XXX

Change vg-fed to qubes_dom0 and thin-fed to vm-pool in the giudes commands.

It’s a good practice to keep a trusted USB with Live system for a system rescue.
Since you’ll need to create a trusted USB with Qubes installer ISO to reinstall the system anyway then you can create and use it for system rescue when you boot from it and enter Troubleshooting → Rescue a Qubes OS system in grub.


Thank you very much, my problem is solved now! Pure magic!

The problem is (or was) that the transaction_id was already correct (if you trust the error message from vgchange -ay). So I changed it to the “wrong” one, 8558. I guesst it’s not why the problem got solved.

vextend qubes_dom0/vm-pool --poolmetadatasize -L+128M

This gave me a syntax error, however this

lvextend qubes_dom0/vm-pool --poolmetadatasize +128M


Then I tried

lvconvert --repair qubes_dom0/vm-pool

and, after some waiting, it fixed the problem for me. I can boot and even the VMs can start. Booting however takes a bit more time for some reason with a slight delay at

Job is running for LVM event activation on device 253:0

I guess I will just backup the qubes and reinstall the OS, just in case.