None of the VMs working; qubes_dom0/vm-"VM-NAME"-"root OR private" is missing

Qubes OS 4.1.1 on Acer Nitro 5 R9.
Disk password login works with external USB Keyboard, but at login wireless USB mouse/keyboard do not work.

After login, the QOS Devices applet fails to show USB devices section.
The qubes manager applet shows only dom-0 and qubes manager shortcuts.

When attempting to start any of sys-usb, sys-net, sys-whonix, or appvms the following messages are seen:

For AppVMs

volume qubes_dom0/vm-fedora-36-root is missing

volume qubes_dom0/vm-debian-11-root is missing

For sys-usb, sys-whonix etc

volume qubes_dom0/vm-dvm11-private is missing

Generally the message is:

volume qubes_dom0/vm-“VM-NAME”-“root OR private” is missing

Just before login prompt shows up, the following message can be seen in (after CTRL+ALT+F2 or Esc ) tty

A start job is running for LVM event activation on device 253:0

At login only USB wireless keyboard/mouse fail. The internal touchpad/keyboard function normally, allowing for login.

Just prior to this problem, I had updated dom0 and fedora36/debian11 templates on the previous day. Also, I had booted up with USB HDDs attached when this problem appeared.

I have checked some similar problems,

lvconvert --repair looks like the way to go, but still not sure if any of these will work.

Anyone with the same problems? or suggestions?


One more finding.
I have a QOS411 updated to date (except for dom0 update), installed as a USB bootable, which has everything similar to the dual boot install as in OP, except that it doesn’t have a sys-usb qube.
It doesn’t have this issue.

Captured some images that might be useful.
The right lower output is from

“systemctl status lvm2-pvscan@253:0.service”

in dom0 terminal.