Full desktop of a standalone ? Seemingly no option

Running Q4.2RC3
Ive installed archlinux template.
Ive made a standalone copied from that template.
Ive added the blackarch repo and installed the tools.
So far so good.
But what I need is to actually run the desktop that comes with blackarch. I cant install blackarch from scratch. What Im lacking here is how to let a standalone based on a template run in its own desktop like the kali template.

Anyone happen to know how to let it run as if it was a VM like youd do in vmware ? ( having its own desktop )

I’m not sure how to turn a standalone into something non integrated into Qubes OS, maybe someone will come with a solution.

But you could totally create a new HVM qube and install archlinux in it, it will be contained in its window.

@Kriss3d If you intend to follow @solene’s suggestion and install Arch Linux from an ISO, I linked some documentation in this post that you may find useful:

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Set Run in debug mode settings in Advanced tab of qube’s settings dialog.

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