Feedback re: Open Collective

Hi, to whom it may concern of the QubesOS team.
If you go onto Open Collective & are not signed into an account. Say one accidentally clicks “Submit Expense” it shows up the top on the right an amount of USD $53,592.61 (I’m guessing this is QubesOS donations).

My question is, why can I see this? This seems like a bug not a feature being able to see this amount.

I think that degree of transparency is just how Open Collective works. You can also see the balance (and more) if you click on “Budget.” Is there a reason you think you shouldn’t be able to see it?

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Sorry my apologies, I wasn’t aware this was a feature.

May I ask why it seems like a bug to you?

You can see “Today’s Balance” in the example screenshot on this promotional page, so it does seem to be intended:

I randomly chose another “collective” to check, and it’s also visible on their pages:

Could I get this post (all of it) deleted please.

I know you’ve got the answer by DM as well @rarez.

For everybody else, here is some context on content deletion:

And a reminder that this was actually a great question. Financial transparency is not always the norm, and in that sense the level of transparency of the part of Qubes OS funding that come through Open Collective can be surprizing at first!