Can't delete my posts?

Hi all!

After community discussion it was concluded that post deletion should not be possible. This way it works more as a mailing list.

Policy discussion & feedback

If you have any comments regarding this, please address it here:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Doxed myself. What now?

This forum is a public place: google and others automatically index it and new posts are emailed to the forum email users. It’s just the way it works. However, under exceptional circumstances the moderators may remove it upon request for harm reduction (although limited).

Can moderators still delete?

Yes, they can. But this will only be used in exceptional circumstances such as Code of Conduct violations.

The problem I posted about turned out to be due to my mistake. Can I delete my post now?

Everyone makes mistakes. That’s no reason to delete your post. In fact, by deleting your post, you would be depriving others from learning from your experience. Keeping your post up helps other people who have similar problems.

Can I still edit the posts?

Yes, you can. However, (just like before) the post’s edit history is public. If you need to add new information, please consider following the forum etiquette of adding it at the bottom with “Edit: [your new comment]”. Also consider posting it as a new reply.