Error Encryption requested for Luks device

Hi all, I’m trying to install qubes on a 10 year old pc, but unfortunately the graphical installation doesn’t work and in the end I’m trying the text installation.
The problem is that mmc recognizes me but it gives me the following error:
“Encryption requested for Luks device mmcblk0p3 but no encryption key specified for this device”

but I can’t insert any key and the error appears for any type of partition format you use.

Do you have any idea how I can fix it?

Thank you


Will this help?

here I am again
I’m testing the Qubes-4.1.20230107-x86_64.iso version which solved the problem of the graphical installer growing , but I still have the problem with the mmc being read but I can’t successfully create the partitions needed to install Qubes .
Soon I’ll post some screenshots of the errors…

using text installation with the latest version

Can you encrypt the disks with another OS from a USB boot. If you have Kaisen on a USB with Disks=gnome-disk-utility that should be easy to check.