Dom0 update error | curl error (37) | code 127

My default dom0 update routine is not working anymore.

My settings:

  • Apt-Cacher configured and works for templateVM updates
  • Disposable firewall and network
  • Global Settings: dom0 update qube is set to use disposable firewall (firewall-dvm)

Following the recommendations:

Try manual update in dom0 …

sudo qubes-dom0-update

… the firewall-dvm terminal pop-up window returns:

sh: 1: /usr/lib/qubes/ not found
Fetching updates failed with code 127; press Enter to exit

Try dnf update in dom0

sudo dnf update

… returns

then checking the repodata folder:

Have you installed the qubes dom0 update pacjage in your apt cacher template? If not, that’s the problem at first place.

No, only this: notes/ at master · unman/notes · GitHub

In template-cacher install the software, by running as root:

apt-get install qubes-core-agent-networking apt-cacher-ng 
systemctl mask apt-cacher-ng 

Shut down template-cacher.

Fixed, now :slight_smile:

For others who might find this thread:

In my case the issue was that the Dom0 update qube setting was pointing to my firewall appVM instead of my apt-cacher appVM.

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I do not recommend use of apt-cacher-ng with dom0 updates, if only
because dom0 fedora is eol and there is no point in caching updates
which cannot be applied elsewhere.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.
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You mean that I should install qubes-core-agent-dom0-updates on my deb-11-m-firewall-dvm template and point the Dom0 update qube to my firewall-dvm (instead of apt-cacher appVM)? …or should I use a non-dvm appVM instead?