Device avaible/removed keeps popping

Dear community,

I am currently facing the same issue as here : [qubes-users] device widget sends "device removed" / "device available" at random times

I have a fresh install of R.1 on a dell precision 7560 (will do an HCL report as it was fairly complex to make Qubes work on it but I am getting there slowly).

I am using debian 11 as default template.

So sys-usb is working fine, except that a message Device available/Device removed is popping ub constantly.
From dom0 : qvm-usb gives me : sys-usb:4-14 (with no description available - it’s just blank)

I have absolutely no USB plugged, so I guess it is an internal component that is not compatible.

When I try to attach that usb to a vm : qvm-usb attach personal sys-usb:4-14 I receive the following : error : backend vm ‘sys-usb’ doesn’t expose device ‘4-14’

I am not sure what to do with it. Is there a way to just remove that USB so I can keep using sys-usb without constant spam on my desktop ?

Thank you in advance