[qubes-users] device widget sends "device removed" / "device available" at random times

I have some (apparently usb-based) bluetooth adapter that I never use.
Since some days, I get these messages every x second from my device
widget that device 8087_0a2b is removed, then comes again that it is
available, to be removed, and available again. At random times,
inclusive long gaps and faster oscillations. My sys-usb runs on a
minimal stable debian template.

Is this a (new) software bug or does it indicate a lose cable somewhere?
If I was alone on earth to encounter such things I would tend towards
the cable hypothesis; on the other hand side, moving / shaking the
laptop does not "produce these messages" : it may well be a software
problem. Any observations / help available? Cheers

I have random disconnects like that with cheap chinese USB hub i ordered on Aliexpress. Never seen with built-in USB ports :slight_smile:

Me neither. BadUSB in action ???