Cannot Change VM Keyboard Layout in 4.1

Previously, in 4.0 when I changed dom0 keyboard layout, the vm keyboard layout would also change (if its window was focused).

Now in 4.1, I am unable to change keyboards in VMs from dom0 at all. This both applies to changing from English to Arabic (for example), and to VMs realizing that I have swapped escape and caps lock.

Additionally, I cannot change VM keyboard layouts from the qube-manager, it tells me to “update the qube dev or its template to the newest version of Qubes tools.” I don’t know why this would be the case though, I am using the default fedora-33 template & have installed all available updates.

Any help would be appreciated!

setxkbmap keyboard_layout (from every VM or from template)
install packages “ibus” on template and use it’s notification gui to change layout

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while using pimary an english layout, i sometimes compose things in german and need my precious umlauts. in 4.0 i used the Left Win (while pressed) option and was able to use any layout i adjusted in dom0 as long as i rebooted the domU after. is this maybe just a policy thing i need to reenable?

Not sure if completely related, but check this out:

the setxkbmap de helps my quiet good then i’ll have a german qube, compartmentalizing languages now too :smiley:

I get the mentioned System Dialog as well and dont know what else qubes Package I should install, but there is no qubes-tools package.

so far i had the option of designated while key press switch option and with 4.1 i dont :frowning: