How to get the language or input method configuration UI in template?

Because of the issue of unable to change vm keyboard layout through dom0 now, I have done research and decided to use fcitx then install some language input layouts in templates.

However I am not familiar with language and input settings through cli and afraid to broken, therefore I would like to install some UI tool for the convenience. Which packages I should install?

Install fcitx-configtool, and run fcitx-config-gtk3 in cli. You shouldn’t configure fcitx in the template. Instead, you need to configure it in AppVMs respectively, since settings are stored in the private volume, and templates are expected to be only used for “installation” of softwares.

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BTW, fcitx5 is aimed at replacing fcitx.

Then how about save in bind-dirs? I am building a template just for general application, it’s pretty annoying to do it repeatly.

In fact, it’s not that annoying. You just have to do it once per AppVM. For dispVMs, do it in your disp-templates.

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Thanks, I have another questions, but maybe not about Qubes.

I am installing fcitx with tools, then install fcitx-mozc for Japanese input, but when I go to the fcitx-configtool interface and go to + mozc, it shows nothing whether I toggle “Only Show Current Language”. And I don’t know what to do.

When I run fcitx -r, it shows the result below:

(INFO-7881 addon.c:151) Load Addon Config File:fcitx-chttrans.conf
(ERROR-7881 remote.c:70) Can't open socket /tmp/fcitx-socket-:0: Address already in use
(ERROR-7881 ime.c:432) fcitx-keyboard-in-tel-kagapa already exists
(ERROR-7881 ime.c:432) fcitx-keyboard-cm-mmuock already exists
(WARN-7881 xim.c:161) Please set XMODIFIERS.

Um sorry, I find solution…just reboot and continue settings…