4.1 Beta : Keyboard layout choosen during install not applied correctly once installed


I have noted that the keyboard layout one can choose during install is not properly reported to dom0 keyboard configuration after installation is done and Qubes-OS running:

It is necessary to manualy uncheck the [Dom0]Keyboard utility’s “Use system defaults” box from the Layout tab to force the choosen keyboard layout during installation process to be applied to all VM’s.

If not doing so, the choosen configuration for the keyboard layout choosen during install won’t be applied to all VM’s.

This small configuration bug was not present on the 4.0.4 release of Qubes-OS

Can confirm that. Should be reported as issue GitHub - QubesOS/qubes-issues: The Qubes OS Project issue tracker

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Ok gonna do this. It’s a small bug, reporting it is easy :slight_smile:

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Done under the following references:

"Keyboard layout choosen during install is not correctly configured after install when running Qubes-OS #6860 "

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