Can I avoid javascript on the forum?

Although discourse does require javascript to function, it allows non-js users to interact with it (that way only for the registration is JS ever needed). See:

You can also possibly install a discourse client (mobile app). Currently as I see it, only discourse is FOSS and has a decent UI for modern user’s expectations.

Anything less than this would certainly exclude most non-technical users. That’s how things have been before discourse came along where only mailinglists were available. My hope is that now a there is a lower barrier to entry for new users, even if that’s at the cost of running JS (if one is not willing to use it via mailinglist mode).

  1. That’s why we only had mailing lists for many years. The forum is just an extra venue on top of those. If you don’t want to use it, you don’t have to.

  2. As deeplow pointed out, you can also just use mailing list mode with this forum. Then you never have to use JS (or even a web browser). There are frequent posters here who interact with the forum purely via email.

  3. As deeplow pointed out, if there were a better forum option, we would consider using it, but there doesn’t seem to be. So, the choice is between having this forum, having a worse one, or not having one at all. If you wish there weren’t one at all, probably best just not to use it and pretend it doesn’t exist.

  4. It’s a common misconception that Qubes OS is “privacy-centered” in the sense that privacy is the main value it aims to maximize. Rather, the main value it aims to maximize is security. Privacy and security are often complementary, but sometimes they come apart (and, in a some cases, are even opposed). We also care a lot about privacy, but our primary focus is security. Read more:

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