Booting Qubes from Internal SSD (ICYDOCK) on Multiple Devices No Longer Works

I have 4 identical PC’s on which I move my Qubes-installed SSD around between them. It has worked great until version 4.0.3.
With 4.0.4 I can only run Qubes on the PC on which I had the SSD during installation. Does the latest version of Qubes for security reasons check a serialnumber in the motherboard or CPU?

If so; can I deactivate that function?

Which error are you getting when you’re trying to move the installation? Anything in the logs? I don’t think there is any such restriction in Qubes OS.

Also note that security of your Qubes installation may be compromised in case one of those 4 PCs has a compromised BIOS or compromised other drives.

At the startup of PC it stops at the BIOS settings. Not coming further.

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May the reason be that the latest version of Fedora (dom0) make this serial number check in motherboard/CPU? Like Windows 10.

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Really no BIOS message? Or maybe, no UEFI boot entry for Qubes OS? Do you use UEFI? What is in your BIOS settings for the boot section?

If you got the “No bootable device” (or similar) BIOS message, look step #4 of this guide, with efibootmgr. Before using this command, please read its documentation, understand it and adjust the arguments to your case.

My use case: I cloned my SSD with clonezilla, changed it with the new clone, and got the unbootable message, the efibootmgr solved the issue.

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No - and I am able to move disks between non identical machines
without issue.
Are you using UEFI or legacy boot?
What did you use on the install?
Have you tried installing on one of the other machines, and see if
that can be moved? If not, it would be interesting to see results.

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Hi. Thanks for great advice. In the chapter before the suggested one, I found a solution:

Now it works good. I can shift the SSD between the PC’s.

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