Alternate resources for high signal Qubes related discourse and/or technical information?


As the “mute” function within the forums only applies to notifications, I believe that this is the best option for many to interact here as, users are better able to filter/ignore trash posts more efficiently. The only standout barrier being the 20 topic requirement to reach trust level 2. While, I do have a few topics in mind and could use it as an excuse to work on my SaltStack, I’m not sure others may find the patience to reach this without sh*tposting. In order to spare both users & @mods the effort of bickering/shaming via PM, a friendly suggestion to @mods would be to offer up the more sane solution to increase trust level to 2 after future users meet all the requirements sans the 20 post count should said user’s experience be impeded by moderation “issues”.

FWIW, I’ve certainly done my share of violating the CoC in the few days since I’ve arrived (still paling in comparison to the @mods beloved top-poster) and, internetted long enough to know better so, I’ll take “it” as it comes …


That said, I feel my (as I’m sure many others) time here may be limited due to low tolerance for biased/weak moderation (as illustrated in the more than handful of posts below) thus, I’m interested in sharing alternative awesome Qubes resources for those that find the discourse here anything but.


Non-Official: #qubes



Note: While this post may seem similar, the intent is very different.

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