Alpine Linux Template (non-official) available for testing

Thanks to Antoine Martin we have now a alpine(.rpm package for dom0) template. Thankyou very much!


alpine? :grin:


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Interesting. I would like to see an official Alpine template.

For an official release, this should be first implemented:

  • Service VMs (sys-net, sys-usb, sys-firewall)
  • Firewall (not tested)
  • apk proxying from within template (thus you must allow internet access to template to install packages)
  • qubes-vm-kernel-support Not adapted for use on Alpine yet, due to it providing a Dracut module. In most cases, it is not necessary as Qubes provides the kernel. This package is only neccessary when VM uses its own kernel, thus a hook is added to Dracut to generate the initrd for use within qubes.
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Since I’m using only minimal templates, I admit I don’t see a reason to use any more than single-distro based templates, beside whonix. Well, if you choose fedora minimal based templates only, and you want to use cacher qube as well, you’ll need one debian minimal template for it in addition.

I mean, they’re templates - untouchable from outside, and app qubes are considered as compromised by default in Qubes philosophy, regardless of template. So using “secure” template as Alpine is, could give a false sense of security while using app qubes based on this template?

I respect if there’s a specific application that cannot be found in fedora/debian repositories and is needed, though.