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Unofficial community support for Qubes OS in English. If you want to report a bug or other issue, please go here.

For community support in other language, see the In Your Language forum.

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user-support at forum.qubes-os.org

Hi, I just tried to send an email the above mentioned email address, but I got an email back telling me:

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“qubes_os+user-support-5@discoursemail.com”] (titled Building Qubes-ISO - Fedora 32 - dnf error python2-sh: Unable to find match) didn’t work.

Your account does not have the required trust level to post new topics to this email address. If you believe this is an error, contact a staff member.

I’m a very trustworthy person…really… :wink:

Thanks…works now.

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Github blocks signing up over Tor. How do we report bugs over Tor?

No, it doesnt.
Use exclusively over Tor is supported.

It sends you into an endless CAPTCHA loop if you try signing up over Tor. Others have mentioned this too. https://www.reddit.com/r/github/comments/l4wpnv/why_you_cant_create_an_account_in_github_via_tor/

If you know how to sign up over Tor, please share.

It has nothing to do with Tor imo: everything to do with your browser

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100% reliable - ymmv