How To Configure Krunner Web Shortcuts Default AppVm?

KDE is awesome. Time savings are imeasurable so far over XFCE (at least for me) . Thanks devs for including it.

I’m trying to wire up web shortcuts right now, but for the life of me, I can’t find where/how to configure the default browser AppVm the Krunner uses for the shortcuts.

How’s it done?

@Emily, the ‘General Discussion’ category is meant for ‘Anything related to Qubes which does not fit into the Support category’, while ‘User Support’ is meant for ‘Unofficial community support for Qubes OS in English.’

If you are asking how to do something or if something is possible, using the support category is a good bet. I moved this thread over there now too.


Roger that. I wasn’t too keen to waste support people’s time unless it was a major issue.

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It’s community support, which means the very same forum members reading ‘General’ are the ones reading ‘Support’ … including you. :slight_smile: